Turning back the weeks – A last minute training plan

The last few months were like driving these wooden rollercoasters. Up and down to the point when the initial energy was used up. This point was about 2 weeks ago when I was swimming in the lake with paddles and it felt like tapping with my hands in the water. After a solid start I had to accept responsibility for this tragedy. Celtman and The Race are now postponed to 2016. But one painful fact remains: Jacob and me are still going to race Rockman and the Xterra Swimrun World Championships to the end of the earth. Both not easy to race. The good thing is that these two races are motivating me to take over control again.

I never thought that my daughter will be the example I am following one day. But actually she’s motivating me and giving me the power to push my ass foward. After a brilliant start into this very important season she broke her ankle mid of may. But I know she’s going to win the nationals end of august. To succeed both of us only have a few weeks to go back where we have been. While she started her strength and rehabilitation training at Training & Diagnostics last week, I took the opportunity to work out a simple but smart survival plan with them. The way to survive.


The plan below is covering the next 5 weeks before race day july 12. So whenever you’re in the same situation this concept might help you too. But keep in mind it’s something like a last but serious attempt. All exercises are simulating parts or situations of the race itself. The key points for Rockman are:

  • adapting to cold water and warm temperature outside (11 transitions)
  • swimming with shoes, pull buoy and paddles (30m to 1700m)
  • 4’444 steps from sealevel up to 740m
  • rocky trail running and steep hills

The weeks are structured as follows:

  • Week 1: HIT Week 1 with five days at 90% of maximum heartbeat
  • Week 2: Power week with power oriented training at  75-80% of max hb
  • Week 3: HIT Week 1 with five days at 90% of maximum heartbeat
  • Week 4: Endurance week with 3, 4 and 5 hours on following days at 70% of max hb
  • Week 5: Tapering

Here is a link to the plan: Patrick Trainingsplan before Rockman

Today I have started with hard 60 minutes of weight training (resistance method) early in the morning and in the early evening some intervals over a total of more than 2’000 steps, simulating half of the 4’444 stairs we will face during Rockman. There will be more steps in the following days. After these 25%+ of incline, my legs are hard and tired, but I am happy. Day 1 completed successfully. 24 training days ahead. More to come 😉

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