4 Weeks till Rockman, Week 2 of the emergency plan

My daughter is still my source of motivation. We are both in search of progress and fighting our mind and body back to routine and to where we want to be in a few weeks. After the early morning core training today at Training & Diagnostics she asked me to drive her up to school 🙂 She was empty and the coach happy. Both were smiling. She’s a machine. Let’s hope she can walk soon again and adding some more exercises to her training routine.


The first of two HIT weeks lies behind me. Some of the intervals were really hard, up to 95% of max hp. Last Tuesday I thought I couldn’t make it to the swim training (interval run on my way to the swim place), but it was the best swim for a long time again. It’s fascinating to see that 1 week of structured training can turn the situation dramatically. The situation in the water has turned totally and my “feeling good” ist back. Once the technic is back, it’s all about power in the upcoming weeks. I’ve started the STRENGTH week already yesterday. Strong and fast swimming at a moderate heartbeat and 17 minutes per km. In swim run mode: neoprene, shoes on, pull buoy and paddles.

By the way, did you know that the new Suunto Smart Sensor Belt  (compatible with Ambit 3) can record your heart beat and then synchronize it with your watch?

This week I will do more or less the same as last week but now focussed on strength and power at a controlled moderate heartbeat. This means (link to emergency plan):

  • Swimming with paddles (technic, strength)
  • Hiking fast up the hills
  • Cycling at lowest gear and cadence up the hills
  • and the special for today: walking up more than just the 4’444 steps we have to do in July

Let’s see how many steps I can do. 4 more weeks to go. Push your ass, it’s worth the hurt. Just found this picture from the Lysefiorden Ultramarathon.


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