Good Feelings – 7 heart beats down on the bike: Hot for Ironman Rapperswil

Yes it’s true. For the first time I am hot for the Ironman 70.3 in Rapperswil. I’ve never experienced success so often and intense as during the last two weeks, which were the hardest trainings weeks I’ve ever done before. Mainly around the two weekends I rode in 5 days 541km with an overall ascent of 5.400m. Most of the rides where combined with a brick wall of 30 minutes and an hour.

The main reason why I am so happy is that Coach Kurt Müller is giving me precise instructions in terms of sections and heart rate. This is helping me a lot not to overpower and go at a too high power and heart rate level. And obviously he knows exactly what he’s doing. The key trainings of last and this week where harder than I thought but I’ve always found my way back to regenerate on the bike for the brick wall. Which is an other interesting fact. During last Fridays brick wall I felt like a young boy in love. I was running like a fool after a 110km bike key training with two 30 minute race sections and didn’t get tired or felt heavy in my legs. Again today when I was doing my extensive bike ride of 3 hours around the lake of Zurich (plus special climbs ;-)). Compared with my trainings of last August I was only a bit faster but my heart rate during the main part (2 hours in the flat, at an average pace of 34 km/h) was 7 beats below the one in 2011. That feels good. Really good.

I had a lot of discussions with other age group athletes and some of them were kidding about riding, running and racing at a specific heart rate. After this first experience over last 3 months I’ve experienced that it is helping me a lot. It depends on the type of athlete you are and how much you’re willing to trust in your coach. We’ll see what’s in it next week at the race in Rapperswil. I still don’t have the power  in the hills and my swim split won’t be great this year, but I’m sure I’m having the endurance for a constant race and a much better run than the last two years.

And … I don’t have any pressure since I am training for the bigger things coming this and next year. That’s why Rapperswil is no more a hurdle or an obstacle but the day for a second orientation after Horst aan de Maas. So let’s see what’s in the backpack next week.

By the way, there are some things I’ve experienced the last weeks. And I am very happy to use them:


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