Low heart rate, buffering power – first form orientation

On my way to reach my goals in 2013 I’ve started to pay in on my endurance account. Which means: ability to go longer, having more power and performing on a higher level but lower heart rate. That’s why I was trying to do 3hrs trainings (and longer) in the late winter time. Only a few long outside trainings were possible till now. More than 2/3 of my training time is focussing on low heart rates.

The last few days I was in the Ticino with the family trying to do both sharing a good time with the family and doing some good exercise. As far as I can say by now I’m feeling very strong and relaxed even on the long ones. The long jog on saturday showed that I am running at a pace of 5.45 in my deepest basics (running focus on technics, high steps and breathing) and at 4:40 below my threshold (running focus on economy and technics). Both works also over a long distances and I’m feeling quite strong.

On the bike it feels similar in the basics (up to 4 hours) but I didn’t try it over a longer distance at a higher pace now. This will happen in three weeks time at the Powerman in the Netherlands. I got a first feeling for my biking power on an a short and unplanned training drive over a distance of 40km with an overall ascend of 1500m. During the middle part of 8km with an ascend of 800m I felt good and very constant. But there is still a lot to do in the power section. That’s the reason why I will invest more in hill rides which I can drive at a low heart rate and low cadence to better buffer the power in my body. I’ll need it latest in Rapperswil.

Therefore the upcoming events (21km at the Zurich Marathon/relay on April 22nd  and the Powerman Duathlon over 15km run, 60km bike and 7.5km run one week later) will help me to further orientate and to find out for the first time whether my pay in will pay out or not. As Zurich is just one week before the Powerman I’ll try to run the 21km in Zurich as easy as a solid training long jog with a very strong focus on technics and a low heart rate – but with fast 5km at the end. In the Netherlands I’ll then try to go constantly fast on the run and to push hard on the bike. As the course is totally flat I have to invest constantly over the total of 60km. Sour legs for the last run which I have prepared after every bike session this year with a bike-run-brick.


  1. Hey Patrick. Good to see you are finally investing again. But do not forget that these investments will only pay dividends after far more than just a few months. Do not expect any miracles but keep on doing this good work. You know that it takes years to grow to your full potential. Have fun above all and all the best for reaching your goals – short as well as longterm! Gilbert


  2. Gilbert, you’re right. I don’t expect anything and I will further invest for my goals in 2013. Everything in 2012 is “on the way” to the big goals. The danger is that a first form high is coming quite fast and that we tend to expect fare more in the upcoming weeks. Let’s see how it works 😉 Thanks anyway. Patrick


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