Going slow – out for the perfect run

For more than two months I am doing a lot of  trainings at a very low heart rate. We’re trying to build a stronger endurance basement. It sound very easy on the bike but it’s more difficult on the run. And how can I work on both at the same time: endurance and techniques? And there is still the efficiency issue trying to prevent my right knee from damage?

Inspired by the stories of top cyclists winter training I’ve found a very simple solution: I was running 45 minutes constantly uphill at about 3 to 5% in average. Running uphill helped me to focus on a mid-foot run, shifting my body forward and running into the incline. Reaching the top I was turning and had then the opportunity to run downhill at a 40 seconds faster pace but at the same low heart rate. On this second half I’ve put the focus on the lightness of the run with a high cadence in arms and legs. A lightness which was gone when I reached home 😉 It’s a very efficient training which I am going to improve now week by week.

But the overall “Wow” on the second half of the run was my absolutely relaxed neck and my arms giving my legs the right rhythm for this “easy run”. Maybe because I had this extra speed for free.

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