My red buoy and me …

My red buoy has changed my life a lot since last Saturday when I saw her at Tempo-Sport in Thalwil 😉 It’s not only that I feel like David, when I hold her in my arms

First of all I feel me safe alone out in the lake with all the sharks (see my post of yesterday) and I don’t need any friend anymore to go for a swim early in the morning or late in the evening.

And then that handy red one is carrying my Suunto Ambit with GPS to track distance and speed

How a red, curvy, handy piece of Chinese plastic with a long cord can change a fool’s life 😉


  1. Ok, must admit this post grabbed my attention because of the first picture but what a great idea! I am not sure if I could fight against my deep inner fear but for sure something I will have in mind until the time comes for me to swim alone.


    1. Just find somebody to swim with. And if there is nobody, then buy a red buoy and you’ll feel like the hot blond female rescue swimmers from malibu beach 😉


      1. I had to find the fun to exercise relaxed open water swims without any pressure in the early morning sun or on summer evenings. Just enjoy. The fight you can plan for the indoor pool.


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