Take a deep breath, Superman

In wonders are made I was writing about why I will not complain about my form a few days before the race. And that there won’t be any excuses. Guess what, I was ill for the last ten days. But there’s land in sight and everything should turn to the positive. Just one day after one of those trainings telling you that your form is perfect a bad cold or flu got me. Avoiding bad trainings I was out of training for 10 days now. Except the one last thursday when I was in the fridge again for a last material check (testing my secret weapon). But the 60 minutes at -22°C were pushing me back again for days. What a surprise.

The last 6 months were like a ride on the rollercoaster. Once you feel like being on the peak everything could change within a few hours. It all reminds me a bit of our visit at the Six Flags Park in Vallejo when we were riding Superman, the latest kick available then. And it also reminds me of the fact that once you’ve decided to jump in and ride high you also have to take a deep breath.

Kurt Müller has put me together some trainings for the next days which should help to get body and mind in the right shape. The checklist is done, the travel fixed and I will leave snowy Switzerland towards the sun with a short stop-over in Oslo towards Spitsbergen for the race briefing and preparation for the last flight to 90°N.

If you want to follow what’s going on up there, just have a look here on the official website on Facebook. Richard Donovan will update visitors about the race. As soon as I am on my way up there I will post some more pics and facts about this adventure. So let’s keep the fingers crossed that this rollercoaster doesn’t come up with some more surprises. I just saw that the actual temperatures are much warmer than I expected. So I have to develop a Plan B for tropical arctic climate.

So, Ali Wehbi, I guess it won’t be a top ten for me. But two things are sure. First, we will have a great dinner on Sunday. And second, I will push the best I can and kick ass. At least mine.


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