Wonders are made

In life you‘ve always the choice between yammering or doing your job the best you can. With all these physical problems and the highest workload ever in my business it was hard to find the right motivation for the workouts and to prioritize between family, work and sport. You know, this story is so simple and evident but so many are struggling with these challenges and then yammering, being kicked or did not finish.

Now is the day, when I could tell you my very personal yammer-story and  that I didn‘t have a lot of time to train and still suffering with my knee. This would be a smart way to exceed all expectations. But this isn‘t my way. The truth about my personal suffering and my actual form is a different one.

During the last weeks I‘ve realised that we have to find the right button in our head which takes off all the pressure and leads us this big window with the sunny view backwards and forward. I don‘t do all this for a victory, I am just doing it to move my own frontiers and to set my foot on new territory. And sometimes this fight is starting before the training when we have to take the decision to go forward instead of leaning back and to yammer. This means leaving the comfort zone and fighting your inner weak when planning your weeks, before the workout early in the morning or when coming home tired and for sure during the hard or long workouts. And to convince the family to support you.

The payout feels a bit like being in the form of your life, being able to do the impossible, being an example for your children and others and sometimes – pushing your body uphill late in the night – it all fells a bit like being immortal. My longjog yesterday was one of those payout moments. I was running into the night, never being faster at 70% of my capacity than „now“. And then – each of my running workout has a long uphill element in the end – the self-made wonder happened when I was pushing my core 4.6% uphill with high knees over a distance of 2800. The heart rate stayed flat, 6 heartbeats higher than the whole workout before. Wow!

That‘s why I am investing so many hours in my workouts: creating my personal wonder. If I am not creating it, who else is doing it?

And that’s how my wonder yesterday felt like. Hope that these lines will inspire all those who are preparing for the 9th 😉


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