How quickies could add spice to your training life

Yes, all trainings I’m doing actually are focussed on endurance, strength and the challenges of next week. But there are two small things that just changed my weekly training, releasing tons of positive hormones and adding a lot of fun to an old man’s life.

Last year I’ve missed the Silvesterlauf in Zurich, which is a 4 round run (8,6km)  through the city in a big mass of people. The first one was in the beginning of my second life sports career in 2008 (43 minutes), then in 2009 again (close below 40 minutes) and in 2010 for the last time (at 37.07 minutes). This year the mark is 36 minutes. A quickie. A hard one. If I can deal with the 36 minutes I’ll have an excellent dinner cooked by one of the best cooks. That’s motivation enough. At least to try it. As I am having a 3 hours endurance training the day before it’s gonna be tough one – it’s only in my head 😉

But how should this work. I’ve never had a fast training since my marathon in San Francisco. Talking with my coach we’ve decided to add a bit more spice to my trainings for 4 weeks. After week 1 I am very surprised how fast one can add speed. And how long I can hold it already now.

With very planned short and mid endurance training got a growing number of short and fast splits. We have spiced up the 1-hour run with 2x 4min. at 4min/km in week one and in the following week I’ve just done a 5x 4min at 4min/km split. The same on the bike when spinning. So my body can learn to handle the lactate.

The second thing I’ve started – 6 weeks earlier than last year – is the Tempo Sport Intervall Training. Every tuesday we’re running like fools in a horror movie around the blocks – till we drop. As a warm-up we’ve started 30 minutes blocks with different lengths of intervalls and recovery windows. As I can understand the rounds will grow next week by 50% 😛 Also here I feel very strong, again following people I couldn’t last year.

These trainings are really hard – all out. But there are two good things about them: first of all, I’m getting faster from day to day. And second, I feel like I could conquer the world after each. This is giving me a lot of energy. A song of praise for the short and hard ones.

So add some spice to your trainings too 😉 But be careful with your hormones. Sometimes they’re out of control.

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