Overstepping boundaries – why training is more demanding than racing

When we look at athletes performing, we normally see them in just this one moment – suffering, cheering or being disappointed. We‘re stunning about their perfection in gymnastics or – a two weeks ago – their will to run through that wall and bring it to a successful end on Hawaii. These „just“ 8 or 9 hours, the one presentation on the mat in the hall are the end of a very, very long training period: aim-oriented hard work, the will to sacrifice and the will to prioritize all the activities in one‘s life.

For sure, each one of us has to choose the right way for himself. And yes, it‘s a big difference between an active amateur and a professional athlete, but there is one truth for both: no pain, no gain. No pain, no gain primarily in training, as the race or the day of the event is „only“ the moment to release what‘s inside of you. The trained body is the machine, will-power and tactics are the driver.

Gabby Douglas, was THE girl in the american team who really delivered on the spot and kicked competitors ass. Here‘s a bit about the story of here and her way to the Olympics. Watch the whole 5 minutes! It‘s worth to see it all.

Why am I posting this?

I found out two important things about me during the last weeks. First of all, overstepping my own boundaries is what I am looking for. Doing „the same thing the same way for years“ just to become faster is not the only challenge I am looking for. It‘s more about me, my body, my mind and what‘s around me. It‘s about coping with the aim far away, becoming familiar with the unexpected when you‘re preparing for it. Or in other words: getting trained.

In business I am observing a very interesting behaviour which is in correlation with the above principles. Going to sales, it‘s a fact that sales people are entering the same or similar situation several times but they do not challenge they way they are doing that. Or the way they are preparing for the assumed unexpected.

What is it about? First of all, it‘s the comfort zone. It‘s still more comfortable to suffer than to challenge one‘s own behaviour and preparation. Second it‘s also about knowledge. Each time I am talking to an experienced person about training, nutrition, treating injuries I am learning a lot, but I have to leave my way to find out where the other way leads me to. The willingness to release what we‘re used to do or even like is a the real challenge. But it will lead us to new frontiers. Something children are very good in. Till they are grown up 😉

Back to sports. Why not going new ways in the off-season, changing the places you’re racing next year, trying a new nutrition concept, making endurance training on the bike, putting the focus on specific technics. A lot of athletes changed their training behavior and mastered their challenges successfully. Still better than training the same way and changing it at race day.

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  1. YES… that’s the way it is! This is a very inspirational post… and great videos! Training is the main part of it… only with good preparation you can face a wonderful time in competition. And you must love the things you are doing… otherwise you won’t have success!

    Will get back to your blog soon! And enjoy your training 🙂
    Running Zuschi


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