A lot to prepare and experience in training – trying to cope with the unexpected in extreme cold and on ultra trails

In every race things can happen you didn‘t expect. Or even worse, things didn‘t work the way you expected them to work. The longer the race the more surprises a day can offer. The more often you‘re racing under comparable conditions over the same distance, the better you can prepare and train for.

As both of my key races next year are completely new for me – not only for me but for almost all the people I am talking to to share experience – the list of homework is long. The good thing about it is that there is also enough time. The bad thing, it‘s much more than only about nutrition or how to set-up my place in the transition zone.

First I am doing a list of the key points which I will then prioritise and share with my coach. Beside the longterm goal „going very long with more strenght in my legs“ there is a lot we have to implement in the trainings, like running with a back pack on endurance longjogs over almost a marathon distance or training the body to faster recover and so on.

Millet has already sent me all the textiles. I’ve bought some expedition food and the shoes. The Raidlight backpack in mind will be launched in december and I have also some time with the show-running-shoes. So let’s step into that.

Any experience, comments and ideas from your side are welcome.

North Pole Marathon 42km

Trail run on difficult underground, maybe in deep snow, extreme cold, possible to warm up after each 4.2km

Ready for training:

  • Experiencing the clothing concepts for extreme and dry cold up to storm (Merino, Synthetic, „open“ or Windstopper etc.)
  • How to adapt clothing when sweating during race
  • Running with face mask over long distances (feeling, one or more)
  • Running with bigger shoes and two pairs of socks
  • Running during night time, as race will start at 11pm or at almost every time
  • Efficient increase in strength in feets, legs and core

Check with experts, looking for ideas:

  • Food concept for up to 6 hours, including warm drink (Winforce)
  • Learning to run with snow shoes, typical trainings
  • Choosing right type of snow shoes
  • Wearing sunglases, goggles and/or lenses?
  • Plan B for nutrition before and during race (no official breakfast, what if race takes longer)

Racing the Planet 250km

Extreme long race for first time, hard to recover, backpack with 10kg, changing weather conditions and temperatures

Ready for training:

  • Long trainings with short recovery time
  • Key trainings on weekend: late evening training, specific food, sleeping bag, early morning training
  • Efficient increase in strength in feets, legs and core

Check with experts, looking for ideas:

  • Perfect type of backpack for me and how to pack backpack?
  • How to run with backpack (technically) and how to handle additional weight (training)
  • Knowing everything about blisters (avoid, treat, get rid off)
  • Orientation out in know-where with map or gps-tool (is Suunto Ambit enough?) or without digital tool (batteries) with compass
  • How poles can be useful
  • How to run in sand or with water in the shoes etc.
  • How to get warm as fast as possbile
  • How to refill carbo depot as fast as possible – experiencing special food, warm food, breakfast
  • How to faster recover with protein shake, compression clothing, quality sleep – any other?
  • Possibilities to track me (gps sender and tracking on web)
  • How to treat (taping, dry needlinig) injuries like: inflamed right knee,  twisted ankle, cramp, trigger points

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