Nutrition at SF Marathon – my first race with Winforce Booster

Nutrition is almost half of your success on longer distances. That’s why I followed again a concrete plan:

As I didn‘t want to drink that strange coloured sugar waters they were offering at the hydration stations I had to follow a different plan: Winforce only – all on body.  And after the excellent experience at the Ironman Rapperswil I tried to stay with this concept but was adding the new Winforce Booster, which I already tried in training.

The plan I was following STRICTLY (watch, not feelings):

  1. Day before: No Carbo Loading, drinking 1 bottle of  Winforce Carbo Basis Plus (CBP) the evening before
  2. Breakfast: 1 bottle of CBP and 1 Energy Complex Gel (ECG) for breakfast
  3. Before Race: 1 bottle of CBP and 1 ECG short before race
  4. Up to 45 Minutes: no food and no beverages
  5. After 45 Minutes: 4x every 20 minutes 2,5dl CBP (fuelbelt) and every 40 minutes 1 ECG
  6. 120 Minutes: 1 Winforce Booster with 1-2dl of handle the load of coffeine in the stomache
  7. 180 Minutes: Second Winforce Booster
  8. All 60 Minutes: 1 salt stick (two in last 60 Minutes)

On this run, low energy wasn‘t an issue. In addition I believe in the fact that the cold wet and windy weather became critical for some athletes. First of all we need energy to heat the body and for sure the brain works better with more positive thoughts when there is enough energy to burn.

The cramps – mainly in my right leg – came most probably from the missing training kilometers. I didn‘t run more than 21 km for the last 12 months or more. And during the last weeks my achilles problems were limiting the length of the training sets. And the course wasn‘t an easy one with it‘s uphills and hard downhills.

What about the new Winforce Booster? I‘m surprised about the effect. It felt a bit like „more fokus“, „excellent body feel“ and maybe a bit like „there is enough power in the body for a strong finish“ or let‘s say „fresher“. We used it already in Atlantic City at my son‘s Karate turnament and I noticed, that Max was more positive, more focussed and somehow stronger. Giving you a picture: The Booster is like a turbo-charger on the already strong Winforce Diesel. And I am sure it works very well on short distances. I will use it in all competitions but also for trainings where I need this extra-kick and extra-focus. Or to be prepared for the unexpected on longer bike tours.

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