Fighting my inner weak

“It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that things are difficult.”

We all are growing with our challenges. Year by year. Here’s a list with all the great races for my bucket list and one with the races done and the places where I met great people and breathtaking nature. As the word “extreme” is being used inflationary for all type of non-ironman triathlons here is my definition: taking place north with cold outside temperatures, very cold water (normally below 13-15°C) with race start in the dark, tons of meters to climb with bike or by feet, trails and rocky ground and less than 250 athletes on the course, needs about 3 hours longer than standard races.


See you 2017 on Lofoten, hopefully with the same weather as 2016 😉


March, April

  • The Race, Ireland – (run, bike, kayak a total of 260km) – yearly



  • Altriman, France – MOVIE
    tri, 3.8km-194km-4’675hm-42km/606hm
  • Oravaman, Zuberec in Slovakia MOVIE
    tri, 1.9k-90km/2’300hm-21km/1’000hm




Marathons and Ultras:


Past Races:



  • March, The Race, Ireland – (run, bike, kayak a total of 260km) – DNS
  • June, Celtman Xtreme Triathlon, Schottland – (tri, 3.8-202-42km) – DNF
  • July, Höga Kusten Swimrun, Sweden – (SwimRun Team with Jacob: 30 in and outs, 15 swim sections between 100m and 1.8km, 36.7km total distance, 6.8km swim, 29.9km run) – DNS
  • August, Lofoten Triathlon Extreme, Norway – (tri, 4.0-196-45km) – DNS
  • September, Hell’s Hop Swimrun, Schottland – (SwimRun Team with Jacob: 26 in and outs, 13 swim sections between 20m and 2.35km, 41.43km total distance, 8.69km swim, 32.74km run) – DNS



  • February 28, The Race, Ireland – (run, bike, kayak a total of 260km) – done
  • June 5, Ironman 70.3, Switzerland – (tri, 1.9-90-21km) – done
  • June 21, Swissman Xtreme Triathlon, Switzerland – (tri, 3.8-180-42km) – done
  • July 12, Engadin SwimRun, Switzerland – (Swedish Duathlon, 6.5k swim, 45k run) – done, dnf
  • August 15, Tortour, Switzerland – (1000k ride, team of four) – done


  • April 5: North Pole Marathon, North Pole – (run, full marathon 2/8 for Arctica)* – done
  • June 21: The longest day 333km, Switzerland (ride, 333km-training) – done
  • August 4: 4Deserts Iceland 2013, Iceland – (run, 250km, marathon 3/8 for Europe) – dnf after 4 days



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