UVU North Pole Marathon – fixed for 2013

Course on Arctic ice floes, with 6 to 12 feet separating the runners from 12,000 feet of Arctic Ocean. The course consists of 10x 4,2km laps around the 90°N-Point. Temperatures -27°C and lower with chill factor up to -100°C. No road to run but paths on hard, light, soft and deep snow – almost no stable underground. Finishers time depends on weather, underground and temperature.

Short video with excellent pictures of the course (german): Klick here.

Video about the 2012 event

Behind the scenes in 2008

Training for the NP Marathon in South of France

How Camp Barneo was built

Short historical story about the heros of the North Pole (in german): Klick here.


Excerpt from Book „UVU North Pole Marathon 2012“:


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