2013: 4Deserts “Iceland 2013” – fixed

Iceland 2013 is part of the Racing the Planet Series taking place in 4 different deserts all over the world (Gobi March, Sahara Race, Atacama Crossing and The last Desert). An additional called “roving” race once a year is additional. This year it’s Iceland, the years before it was Vietnam 2008, Namibia 2009, Australia 2010, Nepal 2011 and Jordania 2012. In 2013 it’s Iceland, one of the most stunning places on earth.

The concept is all the same: 250km to run or walk in 6 days of 4 times 40km, 1 long day of 80km and the last “finish” day of 10km. Competitors have to take everything they need on man in a backpack (9 or more kilos) – except the water (every 10km 1.5L per person). The competitors are coming from 40 or more nations and every competitor wears national patches. At the Overnight Checkpoint, there will usually be tents in which competitors can sleep as well as a campfire or stove where hot water is available for drinks and meals.

The fastest competitors are finish in about 27 hours or less (depending on the course) and there are time limits for each section and the overall race.

The 2014 roving race will be on Madagascar!

More about Iceland 2013 HERE

More about the 4Desert races HERE

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