RRrrrrr – Ready for therace.ie

Our live is an ongoing up and down. Sometimes we can not define how deep we fall. But once we are in control of our lives, we can define how high we fly. Because it’s up to us to define our goals, develop the right plan and invest enough energy to get what we want. Do you think it sounds a bit like the live of a salesman? Yes, it does 😉

After my DNF (did not finish) in Island, things where getting worser day by day. In the first few days I was crying like a baby and sitting on my bedside in the night and eating a whole pharmacy. By the way, the reason for my back problems wasn’t the race on Island but the fact that I didn’t do any sport for more than 20 years. With about 5kg of comfort zone I started my training for 2014 after 3 months of inactivity facing the hardest challenge ever in late february. It was getting even worse as I had to walk parts of the training instead of running to avoid high heartbeat. My engine was empty and the bit of power i had was gone.

Today, about 4 months later, things have changed. My key training of last Saturday was an „empty“ (without breakfast) run of 2 hours with a mid weight backpack, followed by 90 minutes spinning, a 60 minutes run at race pace and speedy 30 minutes 10% above race pace. And you know what, it never felt better than this time. Beautiful weather, perfect conditions and a body that delivered exactly what i expected. I am ready for my toughest race ever, therace.ie in Ireland. And I am hot. Not to stand up before 4am in the morning but to run the 22K, followed by 15K in the Kayak, 100K on the bike, a steep 5K hill up and down, another 75K on the bike and as a dessert a trail run over the full marathon distance. 24 hours is the limit. It all takes place at Irelands north coast at end of february. Which is on one side on of the most beautiful places on earth but on the other side one of the most exposed areas in the northern atlantic.

Do you think we’re nuts? You’re right. But, you know what. It’s about finishing it. It’s our personal challenge and all who are starting next saturday are well trained and prepared for the expected and willing to take the unexpected (weather, temperature, food …).

And for me, it’s about reaching goals others don’t and taking the chance to become bigger than I was before. Because with each finish I am growing and my next goals are getting bigger and more demanding which makes me training harder, longer and smarter.

What’s your next goal? How high do you intend to fly?


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