2014: 4Deserts “Madagascar 2014” – fixed

RacingThePlanet’s seventh Roving Race will take place in Madagascar on 31 August 2014. The unique landscape includes lush rain forest, sheer rock cliffs, desert and savanna all surrounded by thousands of kilometers of pristine, turquoise shore line. This coupled with rich flora and fauna, much of which is not found anywhere else on earth, provide an exotic location for the race.

Again we will race with our backpacks over  a total of 250km divided in distances of 40/40/40/40/80/10.

Official press release from Race The Planet:  Madagascar has been announced as the official location of the RacingThePlanet annual Roving Race in 2014. At 592,800 square miles, Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world and known for being a “biodiversity hotspot,” in which more than 90% of its wildlife is found nowhere else on Earth. A mixture of terrain that includes tropical rainforest, highlands, valleys, tropical dry forests, shrub lands, deserts and mountain peaks, makes the island an ideal setting for a multi-stage footrace.

Commenting about the location for its seventh edition of the Roving Race, RacingThePlanet founder Mary Gadams says, “”We received many suggestions for the Roving Race’s location in 2014. When Madagascar popped up on the radar screen, it quickly invoked mystique, culture and biodiversity. The Roving Race in 2014 will set new benchmarks for allowing competitors to experience the rarest flora and fauna in the world.” Previous Roving Races have been held in Vietnam, Namibia, Australia, Nepal and Jordan. The Roving Race in 2013 will be held in Iceland – a record number of registrations have already been received for the event. The location for 2014 promises to be a truly astounding event that incorporates the rich culture of the region – one that includes taboo and magic – as well as geographical beauty and natural diversity.


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