Hasta Mañana Tiburón

Mañana is the spanish word for tomorrow. Yes, that’s the day after today. And sometimes the day after tomorrow. And most often the day which we use for planning the most disliked things. In my case it’s swimming or doing administration in the office. I call this my very personal “mañana syndrome”.

That’s why since last week Tuesday is my “water day” and not Wednesday. This was the day I was shifting the Tuesday duty to. And most often on Wednesday I didn’t have time for that or the weather was so great, that I had to run outside in the late evening sun. Or I had to shift it to Friday, that’s the day when I normally have to work longer than the swimming facilities are open.

But back to my Every-Tuesday-Water-Training-Day. First there are 30 minutes of Deep Water Running

From outside it looks a bit like the thing old ladies are doing right before coffee and cake time. After a short break then we are swimming in a group of ten under the eyes of coach Micky. He’s kicking my ass. You know what, last tuesday I was almost dying on a 300m distance since I didn’t swim for more than 2 1/2 months that day.

So, my inner-weak. It’s time to take on the right costume. 9 months to go to Ironman Zurich.

What’s the day your inner-weak has to take a costume on?

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