Sheila is going to kick Sissy this week

My first 10-hours-training-week is a good reason to have a very short look at my training plans.The main focus of my plans is to build a bigger foundation with units focussed on the basics, mainly at a heart rate between 120 and 130. The few shorter ones a bit higher towards my “area of development” but still strictly low. I’m doing that now for almost 6 weeks and I am feeling a difference. If I can stay with it, I’m sure my machine will work much stronger at clearly lower engine speed.

Todays run at a pace of 5:20 over 16.5km felt excellent. I never got tired or felt like pushing my body. Smooth, upright, easy and relaxed. Even the bike units of up to 4 hours at a cadence between 90 and 120 are working excellent in the meantime. Actually in the cellar, next week outside. So at this stage it all feels excellent even the short and hard runs we are doing once a week. I’m beating other participants that were always faster than me during the last three years.

But there is still one problem … swimming. I feel more comfortable jumping on my bike in the cellar and doing a 3 to 4 hrs ride instead of a 60 minutes swim unit. Susi, that’s the name my former coach gave me this week. It means exactly the same as “being a Sissy” in english. And he’s right. I am a Sissy when I have to train in the water.

This week a lot will change with my swimming habits. First of all I have to do my two units. Looking back I was struggling with the opening hours of the indoor swimming pools and my workload – but, there is always a way and opportunity to do the training. Second, I’m going to join a full weekend swim clinic with Sheila Taormina. And Sheila doesn’t look like making gifts to a Sissy. There are four 90 minute blocks on the plan. More to tell after the weekend. Hope that I still can type on my keyboard after the weekend 😉

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