Why training in groups can help you to move your barriers – using the dynamics of groups

After hard ride in my car I got five minutes late for our speed run training in the forest together with a large group of athletes of different speed levels. First hurdle today was the well-considered proposal of my inner weak: „Don‘t drive too fast. It doesn‘t matter if you‘re too late. Maybe it‘s better to miss this training as you‘re up sind 5.30 am and working the whole day without a break?“. Do you know this kind of advice?

NO! Tuesday is an important but unconfortable milestone in my weekly plan. It‘s the day when we‘re shifting our barriers, which means working on our race-hardeness. That‘s why I drove a bit faster, picked up my son at home (younger than me but with an even bigger inner weak) and some amaranth chips. We just catched the group and did the training all together.

And there are two important insights about the todays training:

  1. The best way to make a training happen is fixing a date with friends and commit to participate.
  2. The best way to move your barrier and shifting borders is in the group. You‘ll never run faster and harder than having the breath of your colleagues in your neck.

Transforming all of this to a business situation? Yes it works too. Just a few hours before I‘d fixed a weekly target (numbers of setups with new customers) with the members of a sales team. I am sure, each of the members will get under (big) pressure the sooner or later 😉 As soon as the group dynamics is starting.

Just in the group, the dynamics got me too and I was running the 1x 2.4km, 2x 1.2km and 800m in paces of 4:20 and then clearly below 4 minutes. It worked well. As soon as I got the breath of my colleagues in the neck there was always energy to mobilise. Moving barriers, step by step.

Look out for a strong training partner. Stronger than you.

On this picture you can see a part of the Swiss National Triathlon and Duathlon team doing intervals shifting their borders.

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